Arts and crafts session (cake decoration)

We are so pleased with Pn Shafini’s generosity (mother of Khadijah). She had willingly baked the choc cake by herself so that Khadijah and her classmates have the chance to decorate it by themselves. How lucky we are.. Terimakasih daun keladi Puan!

Khadijah and Sofiyyah are working together “make up” their cake..i’m sure both of you will cherish this moment.. remember the fun and joy till you grown up! 
 Wow boys, surprisingly to see the talents in you…and so do you, Balqis .. Thumbs up! “Finished with your work dear?umm nice cake, good work! Alisha, Amirah and Najla team up together decorating the cake.

 “…don’t eat yet dear, be patient. We’ll wait for your friends to read doa together”, said Sir Khairul, the visiting teacher..actually teacher pun dah tak sabar ni hah..the cake smells so good!

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Arts and craft session (making an ice cream)

Little Caliphs are making ice creams using the polistrine, thread and sand during art & craft session. Skills involved-painting and gluing.
Sample made by Teacher Asmaa’…”..but of course I want all of you to use your own creativity dear!”
   Najla is so keen and creative doing her delicious ice cream, look at the thread she is using..completely different compared to teacher’s. Well done!! 

Happy faces with their own creative “inventions”!

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Our Children Reading Progress

Below are some of the excellent children at Tadika Rama-rama Comel who can read very well at their such young ages. These pictures were taken in April 2011. So, the books shown in these pictures were actually their previous ones.

Adam, 5 years old, who is now reading Read Easy 8

Addin, 5 years old, who is now reading Read Easy 2

Dania, 5 years old who is now reading Read Easy 6

Hanania, 5 years old who is now reading Bacalah Anakku 8.

Syahmina, only 4 years old, yet has now read Read Easy 1!!!

Nuriy, 4 years old, who is now reading Bacalah Anakku 6!!

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Sambutan Maulidur Rasul 1432 H

Sambutan Maulidur Rasul telah diadakan di Tadika Little Caliphs Rama-rama Comel pada 14 Februari 2011 bersamaan 10 Rabiul Awal 1432 H, untuk mendidik anak-anak Little Caliphs supaya mengenal Rasulullah SAW dan menghayati keperibadian baginda.

Pada 24 Februari pula, majlis perarakan Maulidur Rasul diadakan bersama-sama anak-anak daripada tadika berdekatan (di kawasan Permin Jaya), dan acara tersebut dirasmikan di Masjid Permin Jaya. Anak-anak daripada maahad berhampiran turut membuat persembahan pada majlis penutup.

Berikut ialah sebahagian gambar yang diambil pada hari berkenaan.


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2011 Orientation Week

Tadika Rama-rama Comel had received the new children with warm-hearted welcoming, and an orientation week had been held from the first day 3rd Jan until 6th Jan 2011. It had been held to make the new children feel comfortable and familiriaze themselves slowly into the world of kindergarten learning.

Below are some of the videos and pictures taken during the orientation days.

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Sofiyya’s Birthday and Basyeerah farewell

On Wednesday, 8th December 2010 recently, Tadika Rama-rama Comel had held a birthday and farewell party to celebrate the belated birthday of 5 years old Sofiyyah and to say goodbye to our child, 5 years old Basyeerah who will move to Kedah this year.

To Sofiyyah, may Allah bless you, and hopefully you will become a good khalifah of Him in the future. Also to Basyeerah, we will miss u..

Below are some pictures  and video taken on the day.

Before the party begin..

Singing to Sofiyyah..

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School holiday ‘Reading Programme’ 2010

Little Caliphs Tadika Rama-rama Comel is organizing the Reading Programme, for all of nearby children to fill their school holidays beneficially. The programme started on 29th November 2010, and will end up on 29th December 2010. There are about 24 children who are joining this programme until this moment.

The children who joined this Reading Programme are in the range of 4 to 8 years old. They are divided into 2 groups, where the beginner is put into “Bacalah Anakku” group, while the better one into “Read Easy” group. Any children who had completed the Bacalah Anakku until the 8th book, will be transferred into the Read Easy group. It means, they are trained to read influently in Malay first before they are taught about English words or pronounciation.

As a bonus, they are also taught about Iqra’ / reading the Quran in the same time.

Even though the reading programme start at 10.00 am and ended about one and half an hour later, at 11.30am, the programme is running efficiently with the hard works of 6 teachers there, who are Tr Nora, Tr Ain, Tr Aini, Tr Zah, Tr Izzati and tr Dianah.

Below are some of the pictures of the happy Reading Programme children here! 🙂

Ikram is reading with Tr Zah

Music and movement time! Big circle first..

Small circle then..

Learning the sounds of alphabet with the action..

G for ‘ggggg’.. So cold here.. 🙂

End up with the du’a.. Ameen..

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